How it works

Renewable Energy and Reliable Backup Power Solutions

Click the following images for further details and how each component is involved in the power supply process.

  • Solar Input Energy

    Solar Input Energy

    Renewable Energy
    • Diesel Input Energy

      Diesel Input Energy

      Diesel Backup Energy
    • Remote Power Supply

      Remote Power Supply

      Power conversion
      • Battery Bank for Power Storage

        Battery Bank for Power Storage

        Output Power Source
        • Forj Power Custom Control Board

          Forj Power Custom Control Board

          Monitor and system control
          • Ultrasonic Sensors

            Ultrasonic Sensors

            Output Device
          • Heated Sensors

            Heated Sensors

            Output Device
          • Lighting Solutions

            Lighting Solutions

            Output Device
    • Wind Input Energy

      Wind Input Energy

      Renewable Energy

Further information

The Forj Power Supply has the option to operate using multiple sources of renewable power with a small diesel backup. Power is stored in battery banks which are sized to maximize the renewable energy stored when available. This allows the power supply to run on renewable energy longer, reducing the fuel consumption of the diesel backup, increasing autonomy, and reducing the site visits required for regular service.

The Forj custom control board handles the communication and monitoring for the system. This communication feature sets the Forj power supply apart from our competitors, providing the capability to remotely monitor and modify system parameters. The data from the system is stored and can be reviewed for up to a year using the Forjlive interface.
The ability to remotely monitor the system can alert the user of possible anomalies which often can be corrected remotely, reducing the requirement for costly site visits.